Purchasing Power Program What it Does 

  Ò     Access to financing & credit for quality dell laptops

Ò     No interest, credit checks or finance charges

Ò     Ease of ordering experience (vs. manufacturer 50% credit denial rate)

Ò     Payroll deduction with no down payments

Ò     Niche player – pricing is above retail, but less than

     other financing options

  What it Does Not  Do   

Ò     Not a “Group” plan

Ò     Not a discount plan (OEM discounts for cash available)

Ò     Not a low-quality reseller (we offer Dell, Gateway, Lenovo, Apple, Nikon, Panasonic, etc.)         

 Why Our Purchasing Power Program?

  Ò     Our goal is to provide all a complete solution for employers to own a dell laptop

          regardless of credit.

É     Payroll deduction solution and cash discount program

Ò     Support the goals of your organization and the HR department

É     Employee Retention

É     Online self-service

É     Employee work/life balance

É     Advancement of the workforce

Ò     Easy for HR to implement and administer

É     no cost

É     dynamic  interface

É     Employer not liable for purchases

Ò     CAUTION: “C” level and HR VP’s don’t always get it…they will say “I can go online or in-store and get a better price and pay cash…”They” should and can, but up to 50%+ of their employees can not due to lack of cash or credit. This is our market.

  Next Steps

Ò     Ensure that Company/Organization’s needs are understood

Ò     Answer questions on our program

Ò     Evaluate Purchasing Power program as employee purchase program solution

Ò     Offer Purchasing Power program to Company/Organization’s employees!


          All employees are eligible for cash program

        For payroll deduction, eligibility is based on



        Tenure with your organization

        Bank account or credit card

        Process designed to guarantee fast product delivery and  superior employee satisfaction

Promoting the Organization – BCS Purchasing Power Benefit

          Benefit communications are planned around enrollment periods

            March 15 – April 15

            July 15 – August 15

            November 15 – December 15 

        A variety of communication vehicles are used

ü      Home mailers              ü Payroll stuffers

ü      Email                           ü Newsletters

ü      Posters                        ü Intranet

        Communications with our logo, participation requirements and employee reference


   —        Eligibility of employee is verified

        Employee places an order via phone or website

        Purchasing Power verifies employment data and qualification criteria with the employer

        Once order is accepted, Purchasing Power notifies manufacturer for shipment

        Files are sent to employer to begin payroll deduction

        Payroll deduction is every payroll for 12 months



          Monthly electronic list bill details employee deductions

        Once the order is placed, we include the customer on the next deduction “bill” sent to

     the employer

        Deductions begin as soon as the next payroll or later, depending on the employer’s timing

     and processes

        Frequency and format of deduction schedules are determined during implementation to

     coordinate with the employer’s payroll schedule and deadlines






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