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Our 411 service is by far unique which is expected to lead the force for Wireless 411 services. We now make it possible for individuals and businesses who use a cellular phone as their only means of communication to get listed. The landline phone will be a thing of the past as we move forward in the digital wireless age. Walk down any street you will see more and more people using cell phones which has become a worldwide obsession.

We at BCS have developed a secure database on our dedicated servers to store your information and monitor the information making sure it gets into the 411 National Directory Assistance database. We strive to make the process for database management hassle free which is why we continually upgrade our hardware and software. We strongly back the various privacy acts relating to cellular phone numbers which is why our service is a opt –in by the consumer or business.

Cell phone numbers for your business listed in the 411 National Directory assistance

  • No need for a land line or purchase ad space to get listed
  • No need to pay for your number to be unlisted when you can just use a nick name
  • For verification of your business or yourself get listed
  • Customers, friends or family looking for yourself or your business
  • Verification for establishing individual and business credit
  • Your listing will be available on the 411 National directory in 72 hours
  • Low cost annual fee of $49.99 for your listing
  • Pay using our secure Click-U-Pay using your debit or credit card, even PayPal
  • You will be provided with a number to call for verification of your listing
  • We will send you a email when your listing is available on the 411 National Directory
  • We will provide a list of free directory assistance numbers so you will not incur the high cost of traditional directory assistance with your local carriers.
  • Our services will give cell phone users functionality that traditional landline users enjoy today.
  • 53% of cell phone users would participate in a cell phone listing for their business or themselves.
  • 24% use cell phone as their primary communication for business
  • 10% have chosen to make a cell phone their only phone.
  • 8% of US family households use the cell phone as their only phone
  • If you're interested in getting yourself or your business in the 411 National Directory Assistance, contact one of our representatives
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