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For the first time anyone interested in what’s happening on the riverfront in Cincinnati won’t have to travel to Ohio to find out! BCS, a prominent local company specializing in information technology (IT), networking and security, in partnership with Cincinnati’s WCPO Channel 9 News, is bringing live webcams locations along the river.

These webcams will be linked to a dedicated website, at www.bcsrivercam.com, which will feature live broadcasts of the Purple People Bridge Climb, and Tall Stacks Festival, and all other events on the Ohio River. WCPO Channel 9 News will have still image pictures and a link to the BCS RiverCam homepage at their website, wcpo.com/webcams/river. New, BCS has also made the webcam so that it can also be seen on mobile phones view the site for instructions.

BCS will also bring BCS RiverCam 2006 to myspace.com, one of the world’s largest Internet communities with more than 100 million members. There will be a direct link to the RiverCam 2006 website on the BCS page, at www.myspace.com/bcsrivercam.

BCS first provided webcams to view the Tall Stacks Festival live from the Internet in 2003 in partnership with WCPO Channel 9 News. Still images were featured on
The WCPO website (www.wcpo.com), and streaming live images were available on the BCS website at www.bcs24hrs.com. More than 400,000 people visited Tall Stacks via the website in 2003; this year, it’s expected that more than 1 million people will experience Tall Stacks live on the Internet.

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