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BCS is now specializing in the Wi-Fi market for apartment(s) and their communities….. Some of the benefits of providing Wi-Fi service are intangible. For example, Starbucks, perhaps the biggest initial backer of consumer Wi-Fi, has not tracked whether the service attracts new clients or whether it caters to the image of cutting-edge consumers; Starbuck’s leads the way to introduce the benefits of Wi-Fi. Now apartment communities have embarked on this technology for their tenants BCS vice president Blake Best told the E-Times.

We at BCS want to give our business customers a new revenue source when it comes to the Internet. We show our customers how they can increase their revenue by offering paid Hotspots for their tenants. Property managers and apartment owners can give Wi-Fi Internet access to their tenants for a low cost fee or offer it free to attract more tenants.

There are many perks and benefits to Wi-Fi that can make your tenants apartment living experience feel less cluttered and offer more mobility. Many apartment properties now offer this benefit as an amenity to their communities. It sure is an attractive feature.

Having Wi-Fi in an apartment allows tenant’s to roam their apartments and use your their computer anywhere they desire without the need of cluttered wires. Additionally, tenants having laptops will have greater mobility by taking advantage of the apartment complex’s Wi-Fi. Tenants will be able to gain access anywhere on the facility in the parking lot or friends apartments and even balconies. The perks and benefits of Wi-Fi go further than just making your tenant’s computer using experience feel less cluttered and more mobile. It increases the revenue for the apartment owners, by offering Wi-Fi to attract more tenants or charging a minimum monthly fee for Internet access. This is how it breaks down.

Your apartment property can offer Wi-Fi as a free or paid amenity; tenants no longer have to pay for Internet services from an outside company. Say the monthly charge for home Internet service averages around $45-$65. That’s an annual cost between $540 and $780. If you provide Wi-Fi to your tenant’s for a minimum cost of say $10.00 a month then their current yearly Internet connection savings may come comfortably close to covering a month’s rent.

...they may no longer have to pay for Internet services from an outside company.


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