We at BCS would like to offer our collective condolences to those who
have lost family and more to Hurricane Katrina. We're collectively engaging
ourselves to help companies protect their data against devastation and
offer our support to those companies interested in our services for data

You can help those affected by this disaster by donating directly to any of the following funds:

Donate to the Red Cross Hurricane Katrina Response Fund

Donate to American’s Second Harvest Hurricane Relief Fund

MCI Toll-Free Locator Service to Reunite People Displaced by Hurricane Katrina

MCI has a phone service to help people impacted by Hurricane Katrina communicate their conditions and whereabouts to family and friends by using their 10-digit home phone number as an identifier. The service also allows those attempting to locate the missing to connect through a toll-free phone number

Callers can register themselves by calling (877) HELP-KAT or (877) 435-7528
Locate someone who is missing by calling (866) 601-FIND or (866) 601-3463
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