E-mail Security


Hacking your system takes experience, however, a novice intruder or hacker can maliciously get in your system by sending you E-mail. E-mail that delivers a message of an offer, or appearing like it‘s from a friend, colleagues or associate then unsuspecting you open it not knowing it‘s a virus. Companies are spending millions of dollars yearly due to viruses being opened up on their systems. We at BCS have just partnered with an E-mail management company that provides companies web-based tools to manage their E-mail systems. The service will scan email before it arrives to its final destination you the client. The service is very affordable to your company whether it‘s 10 or 1000 E-mail users. Your E-mail goes through their systems so there is no need to install any special software on your network. Just tap into an infrastructure and gain the benefits of a highly, secure, proven service. What the services offer:

SPAM/junk E-mail blocking
  • Virus cleaning.
  • Undetermined message quarantine.
  • Customized legal disclaimers for every out-going message.
  • Powerful web-based reporting tools.
  • Content scanning for harassing or inappropriate language.
  • Blocking of pornographic images.
  • Control over attachments - executables, audio, video and document types.
  • Oversized message delivery management.
  • Unauthorized encryption detection.
  • Bypass list to exempt specific users from general policy settings.
  • Address list management.
  • Key word detection with custom lexicon.

Companies need the services of a service that will filter spam, junk E-mail, block known E-mail attachments and extensions that are virus threats. What the service does is it places a barrier between your mail server and the Internet to discourage hacking attempts, lets firms insert legal disclaimers into messages, and enables content scanning for harassing or inappropriate content for which a company could be held liable because messages sent by some employees could be considered offensive, threatening, or sexually harassing. We‘re offering the services at a low monthly cost. For a free no risk trial, or for more information, contact us.

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