Information Security:

Information Security is in the mainstream, we provide information regarding security issues, policies, vulnerabilities and handling intrusions. Our main goal for information security is to help provide our clients with the necessary security information to keep their systems and network safe.

Companies today handle vast amounts of data. Data can vary widely in type and in degree of sensitivity. Company employees should exercise caution in handling and protecting company information. BCS meets with senior management to help develop a security policy for your company so that all ways of handling your data, network and systems follow strict guidelines for each computer user. Companies that don‘t enact a security policy for their organization risk inconsistencies that introduce risk of the company at the highest level. A good security policy serves as a basis throughout the company for enforcement, rules and procedures when handling company data or systems.

Disaster Recovery & Corporate Contingency Planning:
We understand when a disaster has happened, your system has crashed or a virus has attacked. We work hard to reduce the downtime, which can occur in such disasters. BCS will work hard to recover your data, wipe out known viruses and quickly get your system up and running. We have the solution you need. Corporate contingency planning is the course of action we take to help keep your system running for a very long time.

BCS, the network specialist, provides all levels of business networking. Whether it‘s connecting 10 workstations, or 500, our certified technician‘s number one job is to provide you with networking that‘s right for your business. Most of our technicians combined with their certifications have at least a bachelor in their related fields. We provide wired and wireless networking. A good network must have speed and product reliability to keep the network up and running.

We‘re bringing mobile computing to the forefront. No need to be at the office from 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM. Now it‘s possible to remotely retrieve documents, finish reports or print from any browser with Internet connection.

Our technicians hold the following certificates: Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, Microsoft Certified Professional + Internet, A+ Certified and Cisco Certified. Our experience: Cisco Internet working operating system, Windows NT, router configurations, WAN/LAN, Windows 2000, WindowsXP, wireless networking, wired networking, PC security, PC repair/upgrades, gateways, switches, servers, bridges, hubs, Novell Netware and Unix.

The products we use for your network are the market‘s best, however, because of our continued relationships with our vendors, we can offer these products to you at competitive prices.


A BCS CNST will conduct a network consultation and assessment at your business covering:

  • Your business
  • Your industry objectives
  • Your computer policy and procedures
  • Survey your work site and talk to your personnel
  • Evaluate your current hardware and software
  • Evaluate your current firewalls and antivirus software
  • Develop a custom network blueprint, including recommendations for hardware and software, implementation plan, and time and cost estimates
  • Develop a data backup strategy

If you don't have a computer policy and procedures, we will structure one to meet your company's rules for its computer users.


Your BCS CNST will manage installation of your wired or wireless network, including:

Cabling and wiring, server hardware setup, Internet and/or wireless, and access setup

  • E-mail configuration and setup
  • Connecting interfaces and hubs
  • Data transfer to new PC's
  • Network configuration
  • Settings and software installation
  • Setting up shared drives, printers, and other network devices
Technical Support by Phone and E-mail, BCS has a menu of technical service plans, allowing you to choose the level that suits you, for those with a technical background, we provide our basic plan, to provide support when it's most needed. For those with some expertise, but who want the option to call on BCS should they need further assistance, we provide our expanded service plan. For those who want to take full advantage of BCS experience, to be sure they get the most from their system, we offer the full service plan. Contact us for details.

We have serviced clients for years in the following industries:

  • Small Businesses
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Public Sector
  • Factories
  • Industrial Plants
  • Commercial Buildings


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