Internet Security:

At a time when Internet security is at its highest point, we at BCS recognize that clients need the latest protection on their systems to block intrusions. Our areas of concentration are firewalls, intrusion detection, incident response, E-commerce application, remote access, security, hardware and software products.

Internet Based Remote Camera:

When it comes to monitoring your home, schools or office, we use the most advanced wired and wireless cameras. We make it possible for you to see what’s happening at the work site, office or your home via the Internet. Need your office, daycare center, schools, home, restaurant or club monitored?

We have the solution. Remote monitoring to live image distribution, our camera systems are your eye on the world anywhere. BCS uses the industries’ best products for your security surveillance, at affordable prices. Call us to get more details on the products we carry and how Internet based surveillance can be a benefit for you and your business.
We have provided a real time look at one of our most advanced internet based camera products. JVC Network PTZ Camera - view and control this camera without software. Excellent picture quality, see for yourself. The product is our most advanced yet, featuring a built-in Web server, a powerful zoom pan/tilt, and alarm input/output capability, this camera allows you to track live images anytime and anywhere.


Operating Instructions NY Live Viewing
  • Click the large person image to zoom-in.
  • Click the smaller person image to zoom-out.
  • Click the arrows to go right-left-up-down.
  • Click a number to move the camera to different location.
  • Email us to see a free Demo

If you are unable to view "live" please check back, a limit has been placed on the amount of people viewing.


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